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Our team at Nation North has been serving the communities of the Northwest Territories since 2012. Whether you’re near Great Slave Lake or Wood Buffalo National Park our insurance coverage is here to help.


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Personal Insurance


Your precious abode deserves a home insurance plan that fits your lifestyle. Luckily, our insurance brokers can tailor a plan to accommodate your specific needs and budget in the Northwest Territories.


Paying your rent should be your focus, and receiving tenant insurance should be a given. Our options can protect you from unforeseen lawsuits, damages, and potential injuries.


A shared insurance policy with the condominium building won’t always have your best interests in mind. Receive an additional layer of protection from our insurance brokers to keep your belongings and living space safe.


When car accidents happen, most people count themselves lucky to have car insurance to take care of the damages. Our team can provide comprehensive coverage with benefits to the communities of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles can provide endless opportunities for fun and adventure. While taking your ATV, snowmobile or boat around the picturesque landscapes of the Northwest Territories, ensure you have the right policy from our reliable insurance services.


The fun of your vacation can get cut short when an unexpected accident occurs. Our insurance company can offer travel insurance with benefits that cover medical expenses, lost baggage, and other inconveniences when travelling outside Canada.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto

If you rely on commercial vehicles to transport clients, products, materials, and equipment, you’ll want to receive optimal coverage from our insurance plans. We can curate a plan that protects our clients from accidents and damages.

Small Business

Nation North is always prepared to assist Canadians with small businesses. We have an array of insurance options that can protect your enterprise from risks, damages, and more.

Commercial General Liability

There is always the risk of commercial businesses facing liability claims. In the event of a claim, you’ll want the best insurance policy that protects you from legal expenses, settlement fees, and other costs.

Commercial Property

The location of your enterprise is integral. Our team is proud to serve any businesses in the Northwest Territories with our affordable and reliable insurance plans that will keep your company safe and secure.

Why Choose Nation North?

Our team of insurance specialists in the Northwest Territories strives to work for you. We are partnered with the top insurance companies in Canada to get you the insurance options that work with your budget. We believe in providing services that accommodate your personal and/or commercial needs 24/7. You can reach us by phone or in-person through our online portal or app, as well as through social media and email.


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Our Partners

At Nation North, we aim to provide the communities of Northern Canada with exceptional insurance products. We work with an array of providers, such as Intact, Chubb, Peace Hills, Nordic, Travelers, Wynward and more.


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