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Located only minutes from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, our professional brokers can provide the best insurance products to the diverse communities of Yellowknife. Get the best coverage from an array of exceptional and dependable insurance packages.


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Personal Insurance


People always say home is where the heart is. That is precisely why you need home insurance to keep it safe. Our specialists can provide homeowners with a plan that covers two-storey houses, bungalows, vacation homes, and more.


As a tenant, rent is something that’s always on the mind. However, wondering whether you’ll be covered in the event of an unforeseen accident or lawsuit should be the least of your worries. Nation North provides customers with specialized coverage options to match their specific needs.


When owning a condominium, receiving the right insurance coverage is paramount in maintaining your living space. Should any unfortunate events occur within the confines of your condo, our insurance plans will be there to provide an additional layer of protection for you.

Auto Insurance Yellowknife

While you may follow the rules of the road, it doesn’t mean everyone else does. Car accidents can run the risk of damages, injuries, and lawsuits. Our auto insurance coverage can provide benefits throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Recreational Vehicle

Going for a ride is one thing but adventuring with a recreational vehicle in Yellowknife is on a whole other level. Our recreational vehicle coverage will protect your RV, ATV, snowmobile, boat, motorhome, and more from liability claims, injuries, and damages.


Looking forward to your upcoming vacation? With all the excitement, it can be hard to imagine your trip heading toward disaster. That’s where our travel insurance comes in. Our coverage will protect you and your family from medical expenses, hospital stays, lost baggage, and more.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto

Car insurance makes sense for your personal vehicle. It makes even more sense for commercial vehicles too. Whether they’re a fleet of trucks delivering products or a single vehicle to transport clients and goods, our brokers can tailor a plan to protect your investments.

Small Business

No matter the size of the business, it could always use a premium insurance plan. Nation North is here to support clients with options that make sense for your business and protect against potential risks and damages.

Commercial General Liability

Liability claims are a risk that most businesses will face. Ensure you have the right protection against these risks with our reliable insurance plans. We can tailor the policy to meet the unique needs of your business.

Commercial Property

Each business has to start somewhere. Ensure that the property that houses your base of operations is safe and secure with commercial property insurance. We can offer the right plan that allows your business to flourish.

Why Choose Nation North?

Our Yellowknife insurance brokers pride themselves on the reliable services and insurance options they provide. Not only are we here to guide you, but we also advocate for you during claims processes, monitor your rates, and always work on your behalf. This is the Nation North way. You can reach us by phone, in person, or online for any of your insurance needs in Canada.


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Our Partners

At Nation North, we believe that each customer in Yellowknife deserves the best products on the market. We always provide clients with a wide variety of insurance providers, such as Intact, Chubb, Lloyd’s, Nordic, Peace Hills, Travelers, Wawanesa, Wynward and more.


Visit our blog for information and tips regarding the types of insurance we provide. We update it regularly with fascinating articles that our clients can refer back to.

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Each client in Yellowknife will receive access to their insurance documents 24/7. Our mobile app and online self-service portal allow you to make requests at your convenience. Contact us for a free insurance service solution.

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